Locust Projects Smash and Grab Fundraiser 11/6/09

The Smash and Grab is always an effervescent night at Locust Projects and our most important source of revenue for the year. The proceeds provide important funding for exhibition programming, lectures, and special projects. I hope you will consider supporting the event this year.
How it works:
There is no other fundraiser quite like this one. By purchasing a ticket to the event, each attendee is entered in a raffle. Over one hundred emerging and established artists will donate artwork for the raffle — enough so that each attendee is guaranteed to win an artwork. Tickets are drawn at random during the party, with the winner getting their choice of artwork (i.e, first called gets first pick, and so on). The result is fun way to place artwork into a collection, connect with Miami’s art community, and support Locust Projects.
Please find a list of donating artists below. We have great work this year and will preview the artworks for Locust Projects members on October 29th.
Farley Aguilar
TJ Ahearn
Zack Balber
Bhakti Baxter
Loriel Beltran
Natalia Benedetti
Carlos Betancourt
Jesse Bransford
Carol Brown
Brian Burkhardt
Timothy Buwalda
George Sanchez Calderon
Nathan Carter
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova
Westen Charles
Clifton Childree
Susan Lee Chun
Lou Anne Colodny
Elisabeth Condon
Alejandro Contreras
Doug Crocco
Ivan Depena
Julie Davidow
Francesca DiMattio
Jim Drain
Harlan Erskine
Jake Ewert
Dara Friedman
Friends With You
Vanessa Garcia
Michael Genovese
Karen Starosta Gilinski
Francie Bishop Good
Felice Grodin
Adler Guerrier
Tracey Hagen
Jason Hedges
Marina Del Rosario Huang
Kathleen Hudspeth
Vincent Johnson
Julie Kahn
Kris Knight
Mark Koven
Natalya Laskis
Alex Lee
Geddes Levenson
Randal Levenson
Nick Lobo
Marie Lorenz
Michael Loveland
Pepe Mar
Lee Materazzi
Raul J. Mendez
Arnold Mesches
Gean Moreno
Carlos Motta
Gean Moreno
Luis Garcia Nerey
Federico Nessi
Brandon Opalka
Sandra Garcia Pardo
Christina Pettersson
Kerry Phillips
Vickie Pierre
Kathie Poses
Manny Prieres
Ralph Provisero
Carol Prusa
Ricky Rayns
Tao Rey
Karen Rifas
Lisa Rockford
Cristina Lei Rodriguez
Santiago Rubino
Franco Mondini Ruiz
Sarah Michelle Rupert
Samantha Salzinger
Oliver Sanchez
Carolina Sardi
Claudia Scalise
Andrew Schoultz
Tom Scicluna
Stuart Sheldon
Sara Stites
TM Sisters
Mike Taylor
Silva Tawny
Mette Tommerup
Frances Trombley
Kyle Trowbridge
Tatiana Vahan
Viking Funeral
Tom Virgin
Michelle Weinberg
Garth Weiser
Wendy Wischer
Agustina Woodgate
…..and more!!
Locust Projects
155 NE 38th Street
Suite 100
Miami, FL 33137