at MBC O’ Horten from Norway 9/18-19/09

18 FRI, 19 SAT 7:15pm:
An MBC Premiere HD DIGITAL Presentation!
In collaboration with Emerging Pictures
Miami Theatrical HD Premiere!
O’ Horten
(Written and directed by Bent Hamer/Norway/2008/ 90 mins.)
With Baard Owe, Espen Skjønberg, Githa Nørby, Bjørn Floberg

The moment the train leaves the station without engineer Odd Horten (Bard Owe) aboard, he realizes that the path ahead is a journey without printed timetables and well-known stations. Horten has been forced to retire after 40 years of traveling a very stable rail. His orderly, solitary existence is about to give way to a future of unlikely adventures and puzzling dilemmas. Proof positive that there is humor to be found in aging. O’HORTEN is Bent Hamer’s wonderfully skewed view of the human condition and gives us that somewhat absurdist vision with great warmth, a little melancholy and universal appeal.
In Norwegian with English subtitles.
WINNER: Flanders Int. Film Festival Best Director
“WARM, WHIMSICAL, WITH ITS OWN WAY OF LOOKING AT THE WORLD, “O’Horten” is a film made with impeccable delicacy and tact in all departments!”
-Los Angeles Times
“METICULOUSLY CONSTRUCTED and Keatonesque!”-New York Times
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