Pecha Kucha Design Authenticity at HD Boutique Expo & Conference 9/15/09

You should always be yourself and that same authenticity goes for the spaces we live in. Does your bedroom look like a confessional? Is your white loft space ready for a gastric bypass surgery? It’s time to explore this idea of Design Authenticity…

Pecha Kucha Miami continues to weave itself into the international creative and cultural fabric with its latest Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition & Conference collaboration. Pecha Kucha: Design Authenticity will feature eights presenters sharing their perspectives from international research, cutting edge technology, the humanities, social responsibility, and ecology.

Pecha Kucha: Design Authenticity
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Dr.
Miami Beach, FL
Tuesday, September 15th, 1-2PM

NORMAN BROOKS, Chief Operating Officer, Kopali
EDWARD KAEN, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Keating Hotel Group
FRANCO LODATO, Representative North America, Pininfarina USA
TOMAS LOEWY, Culture Aviator and Photographer
TARA MASTRELLI, Managing Editor, Hospitality Design Magazine
JASON RAWDING, President, Teknovation
JENNIFER SIQUEIRA, President, Miami Architecture for Humanity Chapter
BANNAVIS ANDREW SRIBYATTA, President, PIE Studio – Project Import Export

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Contact: Carl Hildebrand, Pecha Kucha Miami Director, 863-602-7322 cell

Pecha Kucha, Japanese for “chit chat” is a high-energy showcase of ideas that started 2003 in Japan. The concept is that each presenter is allowed 20 images in a power point presentation that is shown for 20 second each– giving 6 minutes and 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, interest level up and gives the opportunity for more people to express their ideas.

Hospitality Design (HD) Magazine, published 10 times a year, is the premier trade magazine serving the field of hospitality design. It connects owners, operators, purchasing agents, designers, and architects involved in the design of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, nightclubs/lounges, spas, and all other hospitality-oriented projects. HD continues its 30-plus-year mission to publish the accomplishments of various design teams that collaborate to bring the most innovative examples of new construction and renovation to the industry.

Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition & Conference (HD Boutique): HD’s chic, smart-sized exposition and conference on the SoBe scene. HD Boutique reflects the energy and the influences of Miami Beach and South Beach where Latin, South, and North America converge and act as a barometer of what’s happening in hospitality. It brings together professionals in the hospitality industry through informative conference sessions and packed networking parties, and unveils the newest products in the marketplace on a show floor with smaller sized booths. HD Boutique 2009 will take place September 14-15 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.