Mano Santa vs Djinji Brown, Mathew Jonson live at Electric Pickle 8/27-29/09

*Thursday Night: “Stop Drop n’ Roll”
The Jacuzzi Boys live* djs Lliam, the Hatian Hillbillie & Grand Torino
$3 beer specials & 2/4/1 Jack Daniels specialty cocktails
doors 10pm -5am

*Friday night: the Electric Pickle & Link present
Mathew Jonson (Wagon Repair/ Vancouver) live & Dj set
w/ Will Renuart (Boogie, EP28/ Miami), Simon Wish & Danyelino
Downstairs: tomas (Aquabooty Miami)
Terron Darby (Aquabooty NYC) & Strickly B
doors 10pm – 5am

*Saturday Night “Afro Brazil vs Afro Bionic.. Mano Santa & Djinji Brown”
Mistura Fina to Shake your Rompompom!
Explosive live Brazilian percussion group Mano Santa and dj Djinji Brown (Yoruba Records/ Afro Bionic)
take you on a unique musical journey, that will open your mind and move your ass!
doors 10pm -5am
the Electric Pickle
Cocktail lounge & Music emporium
2826 North Miami Ave. Wynwood Arts District