Tuesday is the new Saturday at Florida Room with Brendan O’Hara and The Big Bounce 8/25/09

Hope to see you this Tuesday at the Florida Room for The Big Bounce Live and our favorite party of the week. I’ve attached a copy of our new flyer… Please pass it around to your friends/post it on fbook/whatever. New faces are always welcome!
And, find The Big Bounce on Facebook to become a fan! Here’s a link to our page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Big-Bounce-Brendan-OHara-Komakozie/103374082794
If you’re not already familiar, The Big Bounce (Brendan O’Hara & Komakozie) plays every Tuesday night at the Florida Room, regularly at the Clevelander, once a month at ELLA in NYC and at other amazing venues around town. The duo is accompanied by a rotating cast of Miami’s most talented musicians like Joe Rehmer on upright bass and Patrick Converse on the trumpet. You can get a feel for their blend of rock, blues and, what we like to call, hip drop by going to www.bigbouncemusic.com. There’s a collection of tracks for you to listen to on the music page and there are also several videos for your viewing pleasure on the homepage ; )