Photographs & Review – Bancroft Supperclub

Well, the other night we checked out the new Bancroft and wow!

I shot out a Twitter and said the waitstaff was embarrassingly good. You know, that kind where they are just so over-the-top it makes you feel kind of funny. They even had a silverware guy! Our waiter was awesome, funny, informative and appropriately attentive. And, I am told, quite cute. It’s the kind of service everyone complains about not getting in South Beach. The drinks were kept replenished, the table was kept clean, and anytime we needed anything, someone was there to take care of it.

I had the squid ink noodle pasta with shrimp, squid and scallops. One of my companions had the red snapper and the other had Italian sea bass. All of them were excellent, but I would say the snapper won. I’m not sure how to describe the food, inventive world fusion, I guess. The flavors were interesting and very well put together.

The prices for the entrees range from $23 to $49 and they had a decent variety, fish, chicken, duck, and steak, as well as a couple vegetarian choices. The portions are reasonable, too. Often, you go to these higher class restaurants and the food is really fru-fru and minimal. Not so here. I could not even finish my entrée.

They bill it as a supperclub, so be aware that it starts to get loud around 10pm. But, the atmosphere is nice, a little snooty, but not too much so. If you are looking for a nice restaurant that offers reasonable value for the prices and excellent service, definitely check out Bancroft.

Some sample photos below, more at the gallery.