The Vagabond welcomes Lee Burridge hosted by Back Door Bamby 6/13/09

Saturday 6/13/2009 – The Vagabond welcomes Lee Burridge hosted by Back Door Bamby
Back Door Bamby is tying Lee Burridge up for a night of mischief in her playpen!
The filthy gorgeous Diva and The Vagabond welcome the genre-bending British weirdo to Bamby’s lair for a good spanking. After 18 years of music and DJing, Lee Burridge is among the most versatile of DJ’s and his reputation as a brilliant crowd reader and musical mad scientist will leave you and all the naughty Bamby regulars begging for more.
Featuring all of your favorite sex kittens and naughty misfists…
Nicole Soden . Adora . Jose ‘El Negro’ Ramirez . Talea Faircloth . Andi & Many More…
With Musical Orchestration By Shannon . Ray Milian . Ryan Evans . Carmel Ophir & A-Train
Joined by the Nautical Stylings of YACHT ROCK
Keepin’ The Fire with their Second Appearance in The Vagabond Garden w/ Captain Sleazy McQueen, Master At Arms Chris Graham, First Mate Edwin Adams, Cruise Director Ashley Lavish, AND Coxswain Matt Harris
Doors Open at 10pm
Complimentary Belvedere Vodka Cocktails From 10pm-11pm
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