Tom Bowker – “Constructions…Deductions And Reductions” 4/11/09



MIAMI– Charest-Weinberg Gallery presents “Constructions…Deductions and Reductions”, a selection of Thomas B. Bowker’s new works in his first Miami solo exhibition this April 11th – June 6th, 2009.

The opening reception will take place in the gallery at 250 NW 23rd Street, Space 408 from 7-10pm Saturday, April 11th.

Bowker’s work exudes empathy and a marvel with mankind’s physical and spiritual environment. His heightened degree of awareness recognizes the nuances of the human condition, a bit like a connoisseur, which he visually communicates through a variety of dissimilar materials. He states, “This challenges me to develop meaningful relationships between the materials to communicate the message I have set out for the piece.” Inspired by a fleeting moment, gesture, a word or phrase, a form or color, Bowker begins with the message, which is often personally held belief as well as political and social commentary.

The exhibition is ripe with symbolism presenting poignant themes of manipulation and transcendence. Altared States, Cross-Double Cross, Manipulation, Provider and Transcendence (all works 2009), contemplate issues of religion and security as self-inflicted governing institutions. One’s struggle to exist within man’s own creation is readily apparent in Manipulation, which questions the inherent dichotomy of wealth and money. Here, a marionette figure anguishes over the physical weight of money’s manipulative qualities and the strings attached to wealth. In an offering of liberation, Bowker’s Provider conjures a builder, inspiring feelings of hope and security, in contrast to the dark metaphors portrayed by the exhibition’s other works.

Thomas Bowker lives and works in Key West and Northport, MI and is represented by the Charest-Weinberg Gallery in Miami.