Artist Opportunity: Lombardi Co-op Gallery

Dear Life Is Art Artists & Fans,

Some good news! David Lombardi, our erstwhile (and probably future) venue sponsor, the man who kindly donated that awesome space for our first event at 120 NW 25th Street, has decided to turn it into a co-op gallery!

What he is going to do is section it up into display spaces, much like we did for Life Is Art. Each space will be 12 x 12 feet, just like our spaces were. Artists can then rent the spaces on a monthly basis to display their work. Rent is $450.00 per month, plus a $75.00 utility fee. That is only $525 per month to have your own gallery.

You can see some photos of the space below.

This is not a work-space like Art/Center or Bakehouse, but an actual gallery space. That means you will be displaying and selling your work there. It is a co-op, so you will be surrounded by other artists, and maybe a few dealers, too. There will even be a communal kitchen and office space

As you all know, one of the most important tools in selling your work is getting it out on display. This gives you a chance to do so on your own terms. Wynwood is a fast-growing arts area, so this is in a prime location.

One more thing. David has kindly offered to donate a portion of each rental that we bring to Life Is Art to help us further our mission. This money will go directly to producing more events and promoting the Miami arts community. So, please be sure to mention that you heard about it from Life Is Art.

For all the details, contact David Lombardi at You can see their website here. We think this is a great opportunity and definitely can say that David is a true supporter of the arts.