Judicial Circuit Historical Society Reception at Historical Museum of South Florida 3/25/09

11th JCHS Annual Reception
Wednesday, March 25
6 pm
Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 West Flagler Street Downtown Miami
11th JCHS Members FREE
Non-Members $10
Members and guests are welcome to the annual 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society membership meeting and reception.
For more information, contact the 11th JCHS Member Services at 305.375.1619

About the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Historical Society

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit Historical Society is a new affinity group of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. The group’s mission is to preserve, document, procure, collect, and memorialize the history of South Florida’s rich legal heritage. The Society will work in collaboration with the Historical Museum to collect, research and exhibit the documents, photographs and artifacts of the Eleventh Circuit Court so that they remain available for future generations.

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit, along with the legal professionals who labor within its jurisdiction, is an important part of South Florida’s history. Through the use and application of law, South Florida has developed from a series of non-descript counties, whose primary industries were shipwrecking and the refinement of starch, into a thriving and diverse metropolitan area. All the while, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit has grown with South Florida with its primary goal of contributing to a lawful society.

This Historical Museum affinity group will serve the interests of the bench and bar, the academic community, and the general public through its publications and exhibitions. In addition, the Society will honor those who have made special contributions to the community by presenting appropriate memorials and/or portraits, sponsor special events and projects consistent with its mission. The group will also sponsor symposiums that will educate the diverse people of our community about the history of Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit.

For more information regarding the Historical Museum’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit Historical Society, please contact the Development Office at 305.375.1615 or development@hmsf.org.