Freezepop Defunkt at Vagabond 2/20-21/09

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The Vagabond
you are no one. you are every one.

Friday 2/20/2009 – Fridays at The Vagabond Welcomes FREEZEPOP!
Check out their Guitar Hero hit ‘Less Talk More Rokk’ on Myspace!
indie . rock . electro & classics for your soul.
Featuring Resident DJs
Ray Milian . Lolo . Mike Deuce . Danny Ashe . UVS . Carmel Ophir . Just Dandy . Chris Graham
Doors Open at 10pm
$1 PBR & Stella Draft Until Midnight

Saturday 2/21/2009 – The Vagabond and Back Door Bamby Get DEFUNKT!
Featuring Franck & Richie of Soho Phase
Conjuring up visions of an era of nightlife long gone but not forgotten, Defunkt transforms Bamby’s Playpen into Club Kid paradise.
Frank and Richie blend Cosmic-Leftfield Disco, Punk Funk and rare Underground Classics to set your disco spirit free.
Check Out Phase Deux Records for a taste of Soho Phase Flavor
With Resident DJs Shannon . Ray Milian . Ryan Evans . Carmel Ophir & A-Train
Along With the Weird and Wonderful Antics of Bamby’s Naughty Misfits and Sex Kittens
Complimentary Vodka Cocktails from 10-11pm
2 for 1 Cocktails from 11pm – Midnight
Courtesy of Belvedere Vodka
Doors Open at 10pm