Sundance Classics: a Celebration of Dancefloor Bombs from the last Decade this Sunday 1/25/09

Celebrating a decade of dance floor bombs and Sundance classics, tastefully served by Ultra Records label bossman, David Waxman (NYC) and Sundance resident, Stephan Luke. As I skim thru Sundance classics from our first year @ Amika in 2004, the hair on my arms come alive. A chill runs down my spine & develops into a twitch of my right leg. There’s a shake to my hip & big smile on my face! This must be nostalgia… relive the last 4 years of Sundance. Celebrate a decade of classics!

Call us at 305.322.0583 for Vip Table Reservations, RSVP info… Get your Tickets here.
Music 4 your iPod: a Sundance classic from 2004 @ Amika (mixed by Stephan Luke and Cue)
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Set: 320 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, Fl. 33139