Photographs End of 2008 – Wynwood Art Walk, JAM at MAM, Aero Bar

{Lots of photographs to catch up on. I am not going to go through all of the, I let the visuals do the talking}{Wynwood Art Walk 12/13/08. Only a month late! This was the weekend after Art Basel ended. It was quiet, but surprisingly good. We endd up going to several galleries we had never been to before. With fewer people around, it was easier to see the art and talk to the gallerists and artist. Went by MAC Art, Love Life, Ecoist, DPM, Lyle O Reitzel, D&G Gallery, MOCA at Goldman Warehouse, Current, and several others.}

{JAM at MAM at the Miami Art Museum on 12/18/08 was off the hook again. Still the best happy hour in Miami. We almost got thrown out… again. So much fun!}

{Then we went over to one of our favorite hangouts, Aero Bar for a little fashion and more alcohol.}

{Oh wait! That’s not fashion! Oh well, plenty of fashion in the gallery here.}

Remember to see all the galleries here.