Reflections on Art Basel 2008 Days 1 and 2 Monday and Tuesday

{Aight, well, I’m not big on the review thing. I mean, who cares what I think, anyway. But it’s cold and I’m hacked, so I figure I would rant a little bit before I crash. Yeah, we started on Monday.
1) Do NOT try to do too much. We did that tonight, and missed out on fun we could have had by trying to have too much fun.
2) Remember to schedule time to park and walk! Sometimes parking can be a mission. You can lose quite a bit of time. So, if you have not scheduled for it, you will quickly get behind.
3) Small events often equal big energy. Went to Diaspora Gallery and Seth Jason on Monday, both were really good.
4) Knight Foundation. Very cool. Google it.
5) The winners on Tuesday night were definitely Aqua for best fest, O.H.W.O.W. for far and away the place to be and most energy, and Punk Rock Bourgeoisie for absolute coolest piece of work and for surprising us because we did not even know it was open.
The rest of the fairs were kind of eh. Got turned away at a few events. “You’re not on the list.” Yeah, because I been spending all my time working on the arfing Guide and Schedule and haven’t had time to email. Whatever. So much more to do.
6) Be sure to just randomly charge into any place you happen to see that is open that might be cool. This is what happened with us and Punk Rock Bourgeoisie. We went the wrong way and happened to go by it and made the guy stay even though he was about to leave and it was a fantastic capper to the night.
7) WTF is up with this weather??? I hate the cold.
I might post photos at some date when I have recovered. See you out there.}