Suenalo at Vagabond 11/15/08

“Little Louie” Vega kicks off his bi-monthly party, Bohemia, at The Vagabond (formerly I/O) this weekend, and Miami’s hottest band is playing it! Make arrangements with time as this proves to be a a pretty wild hang indeed.


Allan Ramos-Congas
Amin d e Jesus-Vocals
Chad Bernstein-TromBone
Carlos Guzman-Bass
Gerard Glecier-Guitar
Juan Turros-Saxophone
Phil Maranges-Guitar
Tony Luarencio-Keys

Suenalo, Miami’s hottest and only Afro-Babymakin-Descarga-Funk band is always doing something…somewhere…so you and your friends can boogey down.
The Vagabond
30 NE 14 Street
305 379 0508
advanced tickets available at