Anané and Band & Music by Louie Vega 11/6/08

Anané and Band & Music by Louie Vega
Thursday, November 6 2008
The Florida Room at Delano, Miami Beach FL
10 PM, 21+ W/ID
RSVP to RSVP limited to one person per email.

Giant Step presents Anané and Band at the gorgeous Florida Room at DELANO. Music provided by Louie Vega.

In the increasingly merciless music industry of the 21st century, Anané shines bright as an example of what a love for life, dedication to music and hard work can bring worldwide success. Chosen by Billboard Magazine as one of the “2008 Faces to Watch” columnists Kerri Mason raves, “Combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop wise diversity, Anané could be the first up-from-the-nightclub superstar since Madonna.” 2008’s Ananésworld is the multi-talented singer-songwriter debut album on the US’s pioneering Tommy Boy, and with it the world is set to discover the heartfelt, soulful and eclectic musical stylings of one of music’s shining lights.

The term ‘legend’ is applied to many DJ’s and producers without credence; Louie Vega is one of the elite few who truly warrant the title. From the Latin influences that shaped the early stages of his career, through his inspired partnership with Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez as Master at Work, to his winning a Grammy in 2006, Louie Vega is one of the true pioneers of House music.
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