Brendan O’Hara at Florida Room Tuesday 10/14/08

I’m sending this out to everyone because of the new video the University of Georgia recorded and uploaded on YouTube…
or on myspace

It’s a new song tentatively called… Salivation… inspired by my trip to haiti this past february… I traveled with Aaron Jackson, a friend and constant source of inspiration…
The song speaks to organized religions battle for souls at the cost
of a much more real battle…quality of life.

This Tuesday, 10/14/08 We continue to mix it up and assemble an all star line up of musicians, interpreting and expanding upon my songs..(the songs i hope you are getting to know well…) New interpretations, while still maintaining the soul of the song, keeps the songs fresh for me and i hope for you. This week CrunchTime Beat Boxing, Mark Beverly on Stand Up Bass, Cleveland Jones guesting on MPC and Ukelele…hows that sound? i think you should find out.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
The Florida Room @ the Delano –
1685 Collins Ave (entrance on 17th East of Collins)
Miami Beach, FL 33139