Open house party at wherehouse 2016 – 8/30/08

Sat-aug 30 2008 9:30pm party party party invite for you

Shocked and apalled by the lack of parties the summer of 2008 wherehouse 2016 has taken the bull by the horns and is throwing an all out slam dunk great party that is bound to have every south floridian chomping at the bit to get an invitation to “the big one”. But of course only the chosen ones and their closest and dearest friends will have an opportunity to attend this monumental party.

There will be live music as well as house dj danny pouring on the most foot stomping, finger popping, upbeat, dance magnet musical hits to the high energy fun-seeking eclectic crowd attending the ultimate gathering of the decade bar none.
There will be food and drink for all to enjoy.
We are often asked “what can we bring” and is it requred, of course not you are our guests, but such a gesture is very much appreciated. If you have any doubts about what’s good vodka is always a sure winner.
You are welcome to ask friends and busness associates to join our party, particularly those who you think might enjoy and utilize the most unique party venue on the planet (use good judgement don’t invite those who are a threat to socety and escaped mental patients for example). Do not miss this one its gonna be huge.
And now the details: Party at wherehouse 2016 Location:2016 ne 155 st. NMB, FL
Theme: please wear 70’s style attire, vintage diversity – co-host is where to find such clothing and is
Located in oakland park (ft. Laud) Address-directions-info
Special celebration:carol and bruce’s 39th anniversary
Rsvp, your name and # of guests in your party or call diane 786 489 2478
Directions and info
Best 70’s ensemble contest first prize: hand panted furniture