Cocowalk To Host Opening Ceremony Celebration For The Beijing Summer Olympic Games 8/8/08

On Friday, August 8, at 8:00 p.m. CocoWalk will host a kickoff celebration for the Beijing Summer Olympic games featuring a live screening of the opening ceremony on a large screen television set on the courtyard’s stage.

In addition to CocoWalk’s screening of the event, Bice Bistro will add to the Olympic spirit with a dinner party debut of the restaurant’s special pre-fix Olympic dinner menu that will available throughout the duration of the Olympic games. Special guests at Bice Bistro’s dinner party include Brigitte Andrade, creator and publisher of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, and Charlotte Barron, who are also celebrating the latest online edition of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends. The story line follows features Bibi and her fictional cousin LILI as they travel to Beijing for the Olympic games. Also joining Bibi and LILI, is the real life Louis Aguirre, of Deco Drive, who will be co-reporting with Bibi on the Olympics.

Admission is free to watch the ceremony, however those wishing to dine at Bice Bistro should make reservations for the dinner by calling (305) 443-1770.

“We are excited to be celebrating the beginning of the Beijing Summer Olympic games,” says Cynthia Bettner, marketing director for CocoWalk. “The event at Bice Bistro, which offers a great view of the large screen television, is a wonderful complement to the opening ceremonies. In addition to the launch of the special Olympic menu items, we are looking forward to seeing what happens with the Adventures of Bibi & Friends in Beijing.”

For more information on this and other CocoWalk events, please visit or call (305) 444-0777. To join in on the Adventures of Bibi & Friends visit or For more information on the Adventures of Bibi & Friends contact Brigitte Andrade at (305) 532-1929 or