GenArt and ANK Swim Show 7/19/08

ANK Swim Show invites Gen Art Executive and Associate Producer Members to a Runway Show for the ANK Swim Show
Saturday, July 19th 7:00pm
The Raleigh Hotel, Cabana Grande, 1775 Collins Avenue
Gen Art Executive and Associate Producer members are invited with a guest to the ANK swimwear line runway show. Celebrated Brazilian swimwear designer Mirla Sabino will unveil her Cruise 2009 collection of her ANK swimwear line Saturday night at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim. This season, Sabino’s beautiful collection will showcase an organic color palate and uncomplicated shapes combined to create sheer elegance on the runway. Distinctive prints and unique details add to the collection’s luxe appeal.
For more info on ANK call: 1-866-765-2244
Tickets: * Private event exclusively for Gen Art Executive and Associate Producer level members
* Executive & Associate Producer Level Members will each receive 2 complimentary passes upon RSVP
* To become a Gen Art member, click on the link below or call 305-695-8200