Promise to Protect Training Tour Miami 5/11/19 – 5/12/19

Promise to Protect Training Tour Miami
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 9:00pm – 6:30pm
Sunday, May 12, 2019, 9:00am -6:30pm
Florida International University Wolf University Center
Room 221
3000 NE 151st St
Miami, FL 33181
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Frontline communities in South Florida have been fighting against exploratory oil drilling in the Everglades for years. Now the stakes are even higher: the case against Kanter Real Estate has made its way to Florida’s Supreme Court, and we have to take urgent action to stop them.

With Kanter doubling down on its efforts to drill in the Everglades, we’re not backing down or going away. In fact, we’re doubling down too: getting ready to fight harder and smarter, training, connecting, and growing the fossil fuel resistance right here in our community.

That’s why the Promise to Protect Training Tour is coming to Miami. The Promise to Protect was originally created to resist the Keystone XL pipeline, but now the promise has expanded nationwide to inspire organizers like us fighting for the Everglades in South Florida to stand up and refuse fossil fuel projects from entering our backyard.

Can you join us for one of the upcoming trainings?

The Promise to Protect Training Tour is an opportunity for us to learn from Indigenous leadership on how we can protect our threatened environment and frontline communities from toxic and destructive extraction that does nothing but harm people and our planet.

This training will share knowledge from Indigenous leaders on the frontlines of the Keystone XL fight that can share best practices on how we can unite to fight for the Everglades. You’ll learn about nonviolent direct action, support roles that make nonviolent direct action possible, protocols for mobilizing in Lakota territory, and how to carry this work forward as we challenge the higher court officials.

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