Talk About it Tuesday: Startup Grind Hosts Melissa Krinzman

On Tuesday, October 14th (a week from today), Melissa Krinzman, Founder and Managing Director of Venture Architects and Parter at Krillion Ventures will be hosted by Startup Grind Miami. Melissa is considered an expert in the field of business planning and entrepreneurship, and has been working for 20 years on growing and advising private companies and non-profits. 

What is Krillion Funds? It is a venture capital fund that provides Seed and Series A stage funding to tech-enabled companies in Miami, New York City, and San Francisco.  As Krillion puts it, they are looking for “the rockstars. The outliers. The driven. The optimists who engage and influence others.” Krillion Ventures has worked with over 800 companies that have raised approximately $1 billion in investment capital using business plans developed by Venture Architects, a company that serves as “architects for entrepreneurs” who pride themselves on building solid foundations for emerging companies.

In other words, Melissa seeks to help the movers and shakers that can take Miami to the next level with innovation and entrepreneurship. Come out on Thursday, October 14, 2014 from 6:00PM-9:00pm at Startup Grind Miami to hear her speak, and to learn how you could potentially bring your venture ideas to life. 

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