Scrumptious Burgerliscious Returns for a Third Bite

Very few events induce as much anticipated excitement as a nectarous burger orgy feast… well maybe a real orgy. We are still salivating as we type this review of Burgerliscious 3 (literally took a break to eat a burger while writing this). This bodacious burger bonanza returned on November 7th for the third straight year at Fred B. Hartnett Ponce Circle Park in Coral Gables. Guests were privy to devour appetizing burgers from over 20 participating Coral Gables restaurants and vote for their favorite.

The general admission ticket was $60, which got you 6 sliders and 2 Sam Adams beers or for $125 you could go VIP that got you unlimited everything, plus access to the VIP Jack Daniels bar and Seasons 52‘s deliriously divine dessert station. In addition to the literally tons of meat on hand, there were also handful of other highlights. The always Spasty (spicy and tasty) Pika Sauce was there sharing its tantalizing spread. The incredible Roc Kat Ice Cream was slinging caramel ice cream with Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer soaked cherries.

We sincerely had some of the best cafecito of our lives when we discovered Gulejo, this socially conscious company sources its beans from Nicaragua and created a cold brew was so smooth and gratifying. One of our favorite 80’s cover bands Mad World Orchestra played great tunes while we stuffed our faces like gordisimos having our last Death Row meal.

Swine Southern Table and Bar won the People’s choice award with their deviantly succulent  brisket, short rib and pork shoulder patty with bacon schmear and smoked then grilled pork belly bacon.

Shake Shack‘s burger won the Judge’s award with its signature 100% all-natural Angus beef (hormones and antibiotics free) proprietary blend. Personally, we think the Shack makes a mediocre burger (patty) with a great potato bun. We were perplexed that it, once again, took home the crown.  Some Shake Shake fans claim they put crack in their burgers and were the best.

We will highlight our actual faves in no particular order:

Sushi Maki really went off the farm and served an inspiring & mouthwatering Kobe Beef patty with a juicy thick toothsome scallop on top, coupled with kimchee, spicy mayo and a toasted Hawaiian sweet bun that was, in a word, HEAVENLY and our personal fave.

Tarpon Bend had the most creative dish with its Farmhouse patty consisting of pork, cow, chicken and turkey topped with bacon, a fired egg and a Sam Adams derived spicy mayo. This burger should have won the “Most Animals Massacred to Feed Us” award.

Books & Books brought us an early Greek inspired Thanksgiving treat with an awesome turkey burger topped with pico de gallo, lemon dill feta and parmesan tzatiki sauce in a pita. This burger was so yummy we would agree to re-read the first excruciating 100 pages of 50 Shades of Grey again if it came with this dish.

Christy’s kept it simple and superb with its supremely juicy meat, delicious bun, caramelized onions, addictive bacon and a blue cheese topping that sets the world right again.

Burger festivals are some of the best events this world has to offer. We really do not appreciate having to wait a whole year for another stab. So event producers, please get your shit together and, like the amazeballs beer festivals we love, have one at least every six months. We promise people will show up twice a year to embrace burger gluttony.