Color Me Wrong at Color Mob 5K

We love unique events and were long overdue for some much-needed exercise so we thought we would check out the Color Mob 5K at Oleta River State Park this past Saturday August 17th. The Color Mob is basically a 5K combined with the Holi Festival (Indian Festival of Color).  So imagine this — as you are running your course, you come across multiple stations where people throw colored powder at you. Sounds like it could be a blast, right?  It was… an incredibly annoying blast. We were assured prior to the race that the powder washed off easily, which turned out to be an utter fucking lie. This powder was a c*nt and a half to wash off. First, we tried regular water while at the park and that didn’t work.  Then once we got home we tried soap, then a sugar scrub, then deep cleansing shampoo, then rubbing alcohol and finally astringent (which worked the best to clean up the last few traces).  Thank-the-Lord we were able to help scrub each other. Even then, it took well over an hour to get it all off.  We felt bad for other participants who were not lucky enough to have someone to scrub them.  On the bright side, it turned into a nice little beauty day complete with mani-pedis to literally clip and scrub the blue from under our nails.  

Video of one of the Color Stations

Before you participate in any events like this be sure to consider a few things:

  • Make sure that you do not wear anything you wouldn’t want stained.
  • Consider whether or not you’re okay with some of the powder coming into contact with your vehicle.
  • Contact past participants and make sure that the colors wash off easily.

So yeah, it sounds like a great idea in theory…. just make sure to plan accordingly. :)