Photographs from Yelp’s Streetopia

…and on the Eighth Day God Created Yelp

by Ari Kane (@Aricurian) and Daniella Veras (@DaniellaVeras & @_DaniMiami)

For all the competition about which new tech company reigns supreme we have a memo for you: Yelp Rules. Forget Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon etc. Nobody treats their members better than Yelp. Yelp has a sterling reputation for great reviews and throwing badass parties for its special members. This past Thursday, January 31st they pulled off one the best events of the year, Streetopia leaving all guests with smiling faces and protruding, satiated bellies. Though the event was only open to Yelp members it reached capacity ridiculously quickly.

Streetopia was held at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood. The venue fused exquisite food, festive liquors and ales, fine art and amusing performances into a gluttonous bash. While there were well over a couple dozen vendors we will share with you some of our highlights. South Florida’s own Schnebly Redland Winery & Brewery was pouring their scrumptious beers including the Big Rod Blonde Ale, which is a delightfully refreshing coconut (yes, coconut!) beer. I don’t even like coconut and I could NOT stop drinking it. Nove Kitchen and Bar provided solid salmon and filet dishes along with free drink cards for redemption at its trendy establishment. We will definitely be stopping by there to sample their libations (and yes free drinks will always get us to mention you.) The always delicious Pincho Factory served incredible mini pita chickens. Sprung was present promoting its Spring Beer Festival with cheerful models handing out discount coupons to the event. The festival looks likes it’s going to be amazeballs. Robeks Miami shared a fantastic Tropi-kale smoothie made of kale and pineapple. It seemed wayyy too delicious to be healthy but we were assured it was. Crave Coral Gables shared delicious desserts that kept us coming back for more.

On the dessert front, both Ali’s Sweet Treats and Sugar Rush Food Truck put people into majestic confectionery comas. Ali had so many different cupcakes up for devouring but a few of our faves were the nutella and pistachio.  Sugar Rush who utilizes complex ingredients had an adorable lil’ glass of milk with a cookie on top, but their true work of art was its Mexican chocolate tiramasu. The dish had so many complex layers of flavor I found myself licking the cup clean.

In addition, the electronic company Tiger Direct was in attendance with a Wheel of Technology.  You could spin the wheel to win many prizes such as laptops, $50 gift cards and other great prizes.  Every spin was a win! There were also raffles,  cool dance performances, and a beautifully curated art exhibit housed at the Bakehouse Complex. Our favorite ladies from the Blo Dry Bar – Midtown were whipping up some funky styles. Departing guests received the most thoughtful collection of frivolous chotchkies we had ever seen. We’re talking high powered bouncy balls, shot glasses, bottle openers, ponchos, mints and cool red Yelp sunglasses etc……

So for our slow readers the moral of the story is that — Yelp Fuckin Rules. Awesome sincere reviews of everything in your neighborhood and sick parties with food, liquor, entertainment and gifts. If you are not a member yet, go signup.  Do it. Right now. Write some reviews and be ready to jump on the list for their next legendary party.


Photo Credit: Daniella Veras (@DaniellaVeras & @_DaniMiami)


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Streetopia Beer Garden sponsored by Sprung/Grovetoberfest (…) and featuring Duvel Belgium (, Schnebly Miami Brewing Big Rod Ale (…), Czechvar Czechoslovakia (…), and Red Hook Winterhook (
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live art installations from artists in residence

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