By The Glass Show Anniversary Party

You guys already watch and listen to the By The Glass Radio Show every Thursday at 6 pm right? Hold on. You didn’t just ask me, “What’s the By The Glass Show,” did you? It’s only the best live internet radio and web show out there! The show’s focus is on the world of adult beverages. For an hour each week, Host Brett Hubbard and Co-Hosts Jason and Jorge talk about specific topics related to Beer, Wine and Spirits. They regularly have studio guests as well as industry leaders calling in for interviews.

I’ve had the good fortune of being invited on the show not once, but twice. My first time, we chatted about Barrel Aged Beers, with the highlight being a taste of Sam Adams Utopias while speaking with Boston Beer Brewmaster Bob Cannon (yes, the bald bearded guy from the commercials). A month or so later, Breweries With Micro Distilleries was the topic. David King, President of Anchor Distilling called in as we tasted his Junipero Gin. Mmmm.

I guess you’re wondering how the show manages to continually cover great topics and get such awesome guests, right? Research Manager and Alcohol Expert Ed Roberts makes sure that each show has a specific theme as well as appropriate studio and call-in guests. According to Ed, “It’s easy to plan great shows. We are really undergoing an artisanal revolution in our country right now. As people’s tastes and palettes are developing and they are looking for and appreciating fine craft products, an explosive growth of wineries, distilleries and breweries is stepping in to fill that need. I see it as our show’s mission to bring their wonderful stories and products to the general public. These small businesses don’t have the marketing budgets of their big competitors. Outlets such as By The Glass Show are so important to them.”

To give you an idea, for their next show this Thursday (3/8/12), Ed designed a show around the return of Cuban-style Ale Hatuey. In a special turn of events, Ed will actually be debuting as a guest host when he invites two members from Bacardi’s Cerveza Hatuey beer brand into the studio. Tune in to see the show and what beverage culture is all about!

That leads us to the Anniversary Party. The little introductions I just offered are only a tiny sample of what the show has accomplished so far. By The Glass is Turning One next week and will be celebrating by holding a special live two-hour show at Total Wine in North Miami next Thursday, March 15, 2012, from 5-7 pm.  The show will actually double as a free live tasting and chance to meet the show staff. Be sure to ask for autographs, too. Holy Mackerel, Hatuey, Florida Beer and other alcohol brands will be available, and I hear there will be a few beer surprises and prizes as well. Why don’t you let Ed know right now you’ll be attending!

After the party dust settles and the Chief leaves, what’s next for By The Glass Show? What can we expect as they begin their second year? “I’d like to continue to organically grow the show each week,” Ed told me. “There are so many potential listeners out there for the By The Glass Show. We are based in South Florida but really our content is relevant to any beverage culture enthusiast anywhere in the world. You can listen live or on demand at your convenience. All of our shows are archived so we continue to amass an impressive archive of shows that are highly informative and stand the test of time.” Well said, Ed. Best of luck! Congratulations and have fun at your party!

Oh, and I won’t be able to make it. (Family vacations are always getting in the way.) So I’d appreciate it if you guys take some pictures that I can upload here! Let me know.

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