Soul Of Miami Team

Soul Of Miami Team


James Echols – Publisher/Editor/Photographer
Annette Peikert – Writer/Editor/Photographer
James Echols and Annette Peikert started Soul Of Miami back in 2008 to keep up with friends. Now they have many, many more friends!


Betty Alvarez - Reporter, Photographer

Anthony Jordon - Photographer

Beer Drinker Rob - Writer

Gio Gutierrez - Writer, Videographer

Dani Veras & Ari Kane - Writers, Photographers

Mr. Q305 aka Bob Quesada - Photographer

Tatiana Enriquez – Arts Writer

Annush – Writer

Margarita Wells – Fashion Writer



Want to join the Soul Of Miami Team and be showered and riches and glory? Well, that ain’t likely to happen. But, if you would like your work on one of the most popular sites in South Florida, click on over here.


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Photo by Mitchell Zachs

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