by Talmage Thornhill
Talmage Thornhill has been involved in the fine arts since childhood. Years of her life were dedicated to the study of professional dance and performance. She holds her B.F.A from Florida State University, where she danced under famous ballerina Suzanne Farrell and dozens of other accomplished performers and instructors.

After moving to Miami from her home town of Chapel Hill, NC, Talmage danced for a professional ballet company before refocusing her energy on youth development in the non-profit sector. Talmage brings to the table an artistic eye and a keen business sense that was cultivated in part during her professional career at the City of Miami Beach. Her lifetime love of visual arts fueled her choice to join the Soul Of Miami team.

  • Club Space: Pinnacle of the Megaclub

    I LOVE Club Space. I’ve been going there for years and was a weekly regular at one point. It’s an unruly beast, however, so to optimize your Club Space experience, consider the following. It is one of the most longstanding clubs in Miami and one of the best known clubs in the world. Yeah, they kinda ripped the name off Space Ibiza, but it’s a minor offense so try to find it in your heart to forgive LP and his crew. You’ll be glad you did. Your heart will flutter. Your mouth will salivate. You will begin to feel beads of sweat ...

  • Dog Gone Great Day at Keys Woofstock!

    Yes, you read that right. WooFstock. As in, woof woof, what your doggy says to you when he needs to go out, or sees someone at your door, or hears the front gate close, or you sneeze, or…. Anyway, this isn’t about my dog’s frequent and annoying habit of barking at the air, it’s about a fantastic, free, dog-friendly event sponsored by MarrVelous Pet Rescues & Adoptions. The location? Well, this is Florida after all, and all fabulous events here take place ocean-front, and Woofstock was no exception. Beautiful Founder’s Park in Islamorada, FL played host to the thousands of furry ...

  • The Dog Beach of Hollywood, FL

    The Dog Beach of Hollywood, FL Between Pershing and Custer Streets on the Ocean www.dboh.org The emotions I felt when I took my little angel to the dog beach in Hollywood, FL for the first time were overwhelming. Boundi and the other dogs ran, swam, played fetch, chased each other, and generally had the time of their lives, all free from leash restraint. The friendly dogs and people who shared the experience with us on this fall day smiled and laughed as we talked about our pets and threw tennis balls deep into the Atlantic. Everyone cleaned up after their pet(s) and our dog even ...

  • Dear Bar 721, I Love You.

    Bar 721 721 Lincoln Lane North Miami Beach, FL www.bar721.com By Talmage Thornhill Please bear with me while I get very excited. Bar 721 makes me unreasonably ecstatic. It is the best bar in Miami Beach, hands down. My enamorment with this establishment is fueled by several crucial factors I shall outline here. Smoke free? Check! Amazing happy hour? Check! Friendly staff and clientele? Check! Appealing, full liquor cocktail menu with exotic drinks? Check! Comfortable couches? Clean venue? Nice Decor? Check, Check, Check! WELCOMES MY DOG!?!?!?!? CHECK!!!!! So while I calm myself down I’ll also point out that while this is a gay friendly establishment, there has been a mixed crowd every ...

  • It’s Prime Time for Pork at Sobe’s Pubbelly

    Pubbelly 1418 20th St Miami Beach, FL 33139 pubbelly.com By Talmage Thornhill Mmmm… I’ll be dreaming about those pork belly dumplings for weeks! You must go into this place knowing they use very bold flavors. Some things work beautifully, where some would benefit from a little tweaking. Note although the prices are low on each item, you should expect to spend about $75 per person if you want to order freely and have a drink with the meal. The beverage list follows the creative vibe of the food menu, which may be good for some but was a little frustrating for us as we just wanted ...

  • Ecco Lounge Earns A Few New Fans!

    Ecco Lounge 168 SE 1st St # 1A-2, Upstairs Miami, FL Website. By Talmage Thornhill There’s a new night life venue on the Miami scene, and it made quite an impression on this young woman. Enter the venue from a downtown Miami street where a bouncer shows you through a small lobby and to a large stairway leading up and into the night’s adventure. Scope the room and note Ecco Lounge is small, though not cramped and feels quite comfortable. The drinks are strong and almost cheap by this sobe girl’s standards. The bartenders and other staff do their job competently and with a smile. On ...

  • Vino Fino: The 9th Annual Miami International Wine Fair

    The 9th Annual Miami International Wine Fair October 14–17, 2010 Miami Beach Convention Center By Talmage Thornhill What an adventure! Traveling around the world via libation was the escapade of the day at the Miami International Wine Fair. There were too many scrumptious samples to delineate all of them in their entirety, but suffice to say the choices were plentiful enough to please any palate. My favorite regions were Catalonia, which was much larger than I expected, and my old standard Chile. Peru had some interesting offerings as well. Most of the hosts we encountered were friendly and somewhat nonchalant, ...

  • What’s What with The Webster

    The Webster 1220 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL thewebstermiami.com By Talmage Thornhill The Webster is undeniably cool. It has a pricey boutique with several different merchandise brands on the first and second floors. There’s a restaurant whose menu looks delectable, but so far I have only been tempted enough to try the rooftop bar and lounge. Quite the chic sobe experience, everything about this place is hip: beautiful people, comfortable seating, exciting open view of Collins Ave from above, and eclectic, interesting music. In fact, the Thursday night DJ is one of the most creative cats spinning records I’ve heard in Miami in quite some ...

  • Bodegon de Brickell Brings its Best!

    Bodegon de Brickell 801 Brickell Bay Drive Miami, FL bodegonbrickell.com By Talmage Thornhill This gringa doesn’t even know how to properly pronounce the word “bodegon,” but that didn’t stop her from getting into the groove at Bodegon de Brickell last weekend at its sneak preview. Located inside the  Four Ambassadors Building at 801 Brickell Bay Dr., the new hot spot transcends categories. Start with an amazing restaurant, add a healthy pinch of nightclub, glaze with some swanky lounge, and you just might have it. More practically, the place is neither small nor big, but is very open. Tiered levels with ...


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