Picnic de Libros ¡en casa! – Facebook Live 8/8/20

Picnic de Libros ¡en casa! – Facebook Live
Saturday, 08/08/2020-, 11:00 am-11:30 am
Cost: Free

The Koubek Center in collaboration with Fundación Cuatrogatos and with the support of Miami Book Fair present Storybook Picnic on Facebook Live! We are re-imagining our Storybook Picnics as virtual events, encouraging kids to create their personal version of the picnics at home while joining us on our virtual picnic.

Kids can invite their favorite stuffed animals, GI Joes, dolls, and toys to join them on a blanket, or have their BFF connect at the same time!

Our 30-minute bilingual Picnic de Libros ¡en casa! will take place twice a month through August, will feature story time, mime and circus performances, children’s theatre, music, percussion and arts and crafts demos, and will be live-streamed. Gather your loved ones at home and join us on Facebook Live on Saturday, August 8 at 11 a.m.

With the support of Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the State of Florida Cultural Affairs Division.


Junto a nuestros amigos de la Fundación Cuatrogatos y con el apoyo de la Feria del Libro de Miami, el Koubek Center está re-imaginando nuestros Picnics de Libros como Picnic de Libros ¡en casa!. A través de nuestros Picnics queremos alentar a los más pequeños a que se inventen su propio picnic en casa al mismo tiempo que se unan a nuestro picnic virtual.

Los niños pueden invitar a sus animalitos de peluche favoritos, sacar sus GI Joes, muñecas y juguetes, y traerlos a su manta de picnic. Y además, también pueden invitar a sus mejores amigos a que se conecten al mismo tiempo para poder compartir virtualmente juntos.

Nuestro Picnic de Libros ¡en casa! durará 30 minutos, será bilingüe y tendrá lugar dos veces al mes hasta agosto. Incluirá un momento para cuentos, actuaciones de mimo y de circo, teatro de niños, música, percusión y manualidades. Reúna a sus seres queridos en casa y acompáñenos en Facebook Live el sábado, 8 de agosto a las 11 a.m.

Gracias al apoyo del Departamento de Asuntos Culturales de Miami-Dade County y del Estado de la Florida.

In Between Exhibition, A BI-Level Solo Show, by Yochi Yakir-Avin 6/25/20-8/8/20

In Between Exhibition, A BI-Level Solo Show, by Yochi Yakir-Avin
Sunday, 06/25/2020-08/08/2020, 11:00 am-05:00 pm

This comprehensive solo exhibition is made possible through a CIP Grant awarded to Yochi Yakir-Avin by The Broward County Cultural Division. Additional support is provided by the exhibition host venue, The Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Due to safety restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the bi-level solo show will be experienced through a 360 degree interactive tour accompanied by virtual programming. In the event that the Frank reopens to the public between June 25 and August 8, In Between will be accessible to the public in person as well. As complementary community offerings, a video tutorial workshop on Transfer techniques and a virtual musical performance will be offered online during the exhibition.
In Between is a retrospective presenting select works created by Yakir-Avin between 2015-2020. The exhibition reflects her technical education in Israel and Italy, and displays Yakir-Avin’s ability to communicate clearly through both figuration and abstraction. Her command of multiple media and techniques is demonstrated through oil paintings on canvas, mixed media works on paper and wood, and sculptural pieces that walk the line between art object and everyday furnishings.
Conveyed via a masterfully limited palette, her subjects are framed against swathes of monochromatic color and emphasize notions of mood, place and implied narrative. Within her intimate mixed media pieces on paper and wood, the artist draws creative inspiration from her past and allows her memories to weave together to drive her practice forward. Through a tangible sense of vulnerability embedded in each of her works, the artist aims to offer hope, comfort and peace to the viewer – resulting in a subtle message of optimism that is necessary at all times, particularly now.