Soul Of Miami Posting Guidelines


Event Submission Guidelines

All upcoming event listings are always free in the calendar.

Please Read the Guidelines Carefully
1] Include a descriptive subject/headline.
2] Include good descriptive text. Most of our traffic is search-based.
3] Do not use ALL-CAPS. Listings sent with any all-caps will be rejected.
4] Do not include directions to your venue.
5] Do not include repetitive information.
6] No unusual characters or fomatting are allowed.
7] Do not use excessive punctuation, such as !!!! or ????.
8] It is suggested to include a JPG image to spice up the listing.
9] Images should be under 1 MB in size and 1200 pixels or less.
10] Do not send PDF’s.
11] Send it as early as possible. The longer it is up, the more views it gets.

All submissions are reviewed before publication.

Submissions are usually published within 24 hours, but may take a few days.

Listings sent in improper format may be rejected.

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Non-Event Articles
For non-event posts, such as after-action reports or photo galleries, news about new menus, new business, new employees, or any such like that, we are happy to promote your business and your clients for a reasonable price. Click Here to request an Advertising Kit

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