SketchMIA 4/25/15

Saturday, 04/25/2015 – 04/25/2015 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
tourinvitation-aprilMiami Center for Architecture and Design
100 Northeast 1st Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33132
Webpage Link
Cost: 20-30

Come explore Miami’s historic downtown like an architect! See our city’s landmark buildings through an architect’s eyes, using a sketchbook and pen. Learn to draw by sketching some of downtown Miami’s historical landmarks, like the Dade County Courthouse Building, the Church of Gesù and the old US Post Office Building, home of MCAD! This 2-hour course is open to beginners and novices of all ages who love architecture and want to explore it through drawing.
A good pair of walking shoes,
maybe a hat and certainly a sketchbook and drawing
implements will come in handy!

An Insider’s Guide to Architectural Photography & Walking Tour with Sandy DeWitt 4/25/15

An Insider’s Guide to Architectural Photography & Walking Tour with Sandy DeWitt
Saturday, 04/25/2015 – 04/25/2015 08:00 am – 12:00 pm
Sandy-Dewitt-April-inviteMiami Center for Architecture and Design
100 Northeast 1st Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33132
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Cost: $60-80

Participants will be photographing the exteriors of some of Miami’s most inspiring buildings and learning a little architectural history on the way!
A good pair of walking shoes, maybe a hat and certainly a camera will come in handy!
For beginner and intermediate photographers.
We invite photographers attending the tour to share their shots on social media using the hash tag #LookUp.

Bird Road Art Walk -Saturday, April 18th (& every 3rd Saturday) 4/18/15

Bird Road Art Walk -Saturday, April 18th (& every 3rd Saturday)
Saturday, 04/18/2015 – 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
April-2015-square-formatBird Road Art District
Conveniently located just east of the Palmetto Expressway & south of Bird Road (SW 40th St). Most studios are locates along SW 75 Ave & SW 74 Ave,
Miami, Florida 33155
Facebook Link
Cost: Free

Support the Scene…Join us on Saturday, April 18th for a fresh edition of the Bird Road Art Walk. Check out new exhibits, meet artists in their studios where the magic really happens enjoy live demos, music and view our new murals by internationally acclaimed artist José Franco and get to know one of Miami’s most vibrant communities of amazing artist!

About the Bird Road Art Walk:
Now in its fourth year, the Bird Road Art Walk, continues to bring artists and collectors together. On the 3rd Saturday of each month, artists’ open their studios, along with alternative spaces and galleries that dot the industrial area along SW 74 Ave & SW 75 Ave.

The event features a broad range of contemporary, emerging and established artists working in a variety of mediums ranging from photography to sculpture, mix media, conceptual art, ceramics, drawing, painting etc… art and unique items for all tastes and budgets.

The Bird Road Art Walk is FREE & OPEN to the public.
The event is organized and funded by the Bird Road Art District, Inc., a non-profit volunteer based organization.

Photo courtesy of c. beguiristain of Jose Franco’s mural located at SW 42 St & SW 75 Ave in the Bird Road Art District

From Realism to Nurealism by Sol Gersh 5/7/15

“From Realism to Nurealism” by Sol Gersh
Thursday, 05/07/2015 – 06:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Art-Walk-mAY-7TH-Web-Banner-UpdatedThe Artisan Lounge
500 NE 1st Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33132
Webpage Link

The Artisan Lounge presents Sol Gersh. “One step beyond surrealism; in that it deals, not with dreams; but with day dreams; all the sub-conscious, delusions of grandeur, etc. We “see” when we close our eyes, and sit in the sun, or mediate…and, the artist’s hand is guided by the master force suggested by Salvador Dali.”

Luz Maria Charlita Nature Redepicted 4/18/15

Luz Maria Charlita Nature Redepicted
Saturday, 04/18/2015 – 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Nature-RedepictedMaria Alecia Izturriaga
G & S Alternative Spaces, 2015 Harrison Street,
Hollywood, Florida 33020
Webpage Link
Cost: Free

Venezuelan architect, goldsmith and sculptor, Luz María Charlita, presents her latest show, “Nature Redepicted” at Gallery G & S Alternative Space in Hollywood, during the next edition of Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk next Saturday April 18th.
Known for her metalwork interpreting the perfection of nature forms, Luz María Charlita returns to South Florida with this exhibition where the “Ecologic Rains: Green Rains” and Flower Rains” are focal point of this proposal.
Charlita began practicing his career as an architect in 1979, but it was her passion for detail that led her to specialize in interior design and go to work in Spain. There she began to connect with the metal work and goldsmith. As she returned to Venezuela she was devoted to manual work choosing as her material, metal intervened by fire. To these early works she added natural unworked stones like quartz and ammonites (mollusk fossils). Then she began with semiprecious stones and more elaborate pieces resulting in a collection of fine jewelry.
“There comes a time when you realize your jewel becomes larger and has the potential to be a three-dimensional project. This can be a sculpture, a painting, a piece in three dimensions, ” says Charlita. And then is when she takes the next step: metal sculpture Luz Maria also confesses not being afraid of the scale because she worked as an architect. “I had to design from buildings to utilitarian objects”
The Perfect Forms of Nature as a Source of Inspiration
The artistic work of Luz María Charlotte, has evolved not only in relation to the scale and materials but also the forms it represents. She went through an exploratory stage, from the origin of live beings, their forms, their designs and the search for perfection in natural forms such as snail, considered by her, a perfect structure.
She started working spirals and mazes as archaic forms. “The spiral works on its own axis, is progressive, it’s like DNA. It has upward movement and that inner strength of a tornado’s vortex ” she explains. She is also admits being fascinated by the geometry of the labyrinths and mystery it represents.
Metal is her greatest ally. She considers it a very noble material, becoming a truly fascinating element when it is intervened by fire. “Fire is my ally. The experience of working metal under flames at night is unique, especially working with copper. It shows colors almost like a rainbow. It’s almost supernatural “.
Charlita’s work goes from the original trace of the beings on earth through fossil, to more complex forms. In this second stage, she begins to interpret nature in its vegetation form resulting in her “Ecologic Rains: Flower Rains and Green Rains”. “I went from working fossils to designing a flower, but not the flower per se, but the flower inside a rain. It was a repetition work I wanted to do as an installation”.
Luz María returns with her work to Miami because she believes that the city will soon become an important point in the US, thanks to the confluence of cultures and young people that gives movement to the city. “Miami is a city with an impressive artistic thrust. There are a multitude of cultural events. It is already attracting many people, not just summer tourists, also cultural ones, ” she said.

Photographs by Anthony Jordon of Fountainhead Open Studio Night on 4/10/15

Photographs taken by Anthony Jordon of Fountainhead Open Studio Night on Friday, April 10, 2015.

To see more of  Anthony Jordon‘s  work go to his Instagram page or his facebook page.

UNTAMED, A solo show by Eleazar Delgado 4/18/15

UNTAMED, A solo show by Eleazar Delgado
Saturday, 04/18/2015 – 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
4432 SW 74 Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33155

Facebook Link
Cost: Free

Eleazar Delgado will be debuting a new body of work, titled UNTAMED at HARRISART in the Bird Road Art District. There will be an afternoon opening announced as well as an artist talk to be scheduled during the show’s run.