The Perfect Summer Concert Outfit

Summer will be here in just a few short weeks. What do you have planned? Besides summer vacations, quality time with friends and family and reading a good book by the pool, there are also some incredible concerts to watch! Your calendar is no doubt booked solid with all of your favorite artists and now all that’s missing is the perfect concert outfit.

With so many options it’s hard to know exactly what to wear. You could go with a maxi dress, women’s sandals from Reef, a pair of jeans and cowgirl boots, or just a skirt and tee-shirt. Depending on the theme of the concert it’ll be fun to come up with an ensemble that’s comfy and stylish. Here’s an outfit that’ll work perfectly for any concert during the summer:

Button Down Blouse

A cotton blouse is perfect for warmer weather and will complement sparkly accessories and a pair of jeans. Buy one in your favorite color which can be in a baby blue, pink, or polka dot purple pattern. Pair a blouse with a tank top underneath, so if you get hot during the concert you can unbutton your blouse and just wear your tank top.

Leather Flip Flops

You can’t go wrong with women’s leather flip flops that will feel comfy when you’re walking around a lot throughout the concert evening. These durable flip flops are ideal for a variety of events and are perfect when you’re on your feet a lot as your feet won’t get sore. Leather flip flops will also go with any outfit and will look perfect with your button down blouse.

A Simple Necklace and a Lightweight Purse

Since you’re going for the simple yet chic look with your blouse and sandals, a simple necklace with a heart pendant or your name will blend well with your blouse. A lightweight purse such as a crossbody bag or wallet with a strap will work perfectly for a concert. Keep in mind you’ll want to bring a purse that won’t weigh you down but at the same time won’t get lost. If you carry a wallet with a strap you could accidentally set it down somewhere and forget about it. Don’t let that happen! Since your outfit is coming together well, all you need now is the perfect pair of jeans!

Skinny Jeans

Depending on the weather, finish off your outfit with a pair of skinny jeans or jean shorts. Look for shorts that have pockets with jewels or sequins to bring on the glam factor. It’ll all go together quite nicely. Now it’s time for the concert to begin!

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Must-Have Accessories for Sporting Events

Planning a sports event is not an easy task, especially if multiple people have been invited to attend. Admit it, it can make you want to pull your hair out and maybe go a tad crazy. However it can be a fun and successful event if you include the right amount of accessories and plan ahead. From providing team members and their guests with personalized baseball jerseys to using cellophane, photo booths, columns, and balloons as props and accessories, your event is definitely going to be talked about for weeks to come. So it’s time to start planning!

Photo Booths

To set up a fun photo booth section for your guests you’ll need a photo booth background and possibly photo booth props. Choose a sports theme background that is in your team’s colors or create a DIY photo booth background and add your own flair. There’s no doubt your guests will enjoy creating long-lasting memories in front of the photo booth backdrop!

A Personalized Jersey

Everyone loves performance apparel, and there’s no exception at a sporting event! Give your team members and guests a souvenir to take home they will love, such as personalized baseball jerseys from Majestic Athletic. They can go home and wear a jersey that has their team name and colors with pride.


Columns are an excellent way to show your guests where they need to go on the day of the big event. As opposed to them getting confused where the entrance is columns can be strategically placed so that the guests know exactly where to go. These decorative columns also make adding style and color to your event very easy. Also, if you select reusable stretch columns, they can be used in many ways and can match the sports theme and colors you are looking for.


Don’t forget about a banner to congratulate a team, announce something special, or only put your team’s name on. You can place it near the columns or put it underneath a long table – whatever you’d like. Be creative with where you place your banner and make it stand out. Your event is going to be a success!

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