Conversations at MOCA:​ Havan, Haiti Iris Photo Collective 9/11/20

Conversations at MOCA:​ Havana, Haiti Iris Photo Collective
Wednesday, 09/23/2020-, 07:00 pm-08:30 pm
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Cost: Free

The third installment of programming in conjunction with Carl Juste’s current installation on MOCA plaza, “Havana, Haiti: Two Cultures, One Community,” celebrates a love of photography, story, truth, and love for Cuba and Haiti. Join photojournalist Carl Juste, Edwidge Dandicat, CW Griffin and Fabiola Santiago to learn more about the Havana, Haiti project which links writers and photographers and their appreciation for Havana, Haiti and Miami. The event will be moderated by Florida International University Professor Andrea Queeley.

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