How To Manifest & Make Shift Happen 9/5/19

How To Manifest & Make Shift Happen
Thursday, 09/05/2019 – 09/05/2019 07:00 pm – 08:30 pm
Habitat at 1Hotel
2341 collins ave,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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Have you ever wondered why the same situations in your life keep manifesting on repeat making you feel frustrated & stuck? No matter how badly you desire to get to the next level and finally experience a different result the same mental roadblocks keep getting in the way of you achieving:
· The Money you desire
· The feeling of worthiness & being enough
· A purpose driven lifestyle
· True joy & happiness

Can I let you in on a little secret? Everything you desire is meant for you to have! You are completely worthy and deserving of it all. It would not have been placed within you if it was not meant for you

Our beliefs are the key factor in us achieving our desires, and until you uncover what subconscious beliefs are blocking you from receiving this will continue to remain the same.

That’s why I created this MASTERCLASS. So I can guide you to uncovering, shifting, and releasing the limiting beliefs & self-doubt keeping you from manifesting your dreams into reality

Here’s the GREAT NEWS!!! You can change your mindset, beliefs, and energy to match the change, growth, and success you dream of living.

If you are ready to learn proven, practical strategies to DROP the hustle, struggle, and self-sabotage this is the Masterclass for you!!!
Please join me Certified Mindset Coach Tiffany Nicole for this Complimentary Manifesting Jumpstart and learn how to:
Get off the hamster wheel of doubt & confusion & define your desires with clarity & direction
Master the #1 key to Intentional Manifestation
Uncover & shift your subconscious limiting beliefs sabotaging your success
Use the law of attraction to become an energetic match for your desires
Use My Proven Practical (5) Step Manifestation Process to Making your dreams a reality
Stop manifesting what you don’t want into your life
We will complete the workbook provided of the tools, takeaways, and penetrating questions with my guidance.

This Manifesting Masterclass will end with a powerful Manifestation Prayer aligning you with the energy of abundance + a Q&A
Please bring a pen + 1 desire you deeply want to Manifest into your reality NOW.

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