Delano South Beach Hosts “Pop Art Nights” Art Installation 5/18/19 – 6/11/19

Delano South Beach Hosts “Pop Art Nights” Art Installation
Saturday, 05/18/2019 – 06/11/2019 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Delano South Beach
1685 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Cost: Free

Delano South Beach, the iconic oceanfront hotel located in the famed Collins Ave, is hosting a new art installation, POP ART NIGHTS, in its lobby, giving locals and travelers alike, yet another reason to migrate to the beach. Featuring strong pops of color and trendy designs, guests can enjoy the beautiful creations from eight renowned artists from now until June 11th, 2019.

The eight talented artists for this installation collection include:

David David – Unequivocally self-taught and internationally recognized, David David is a French artist who has become one of the most influential and sought-after figures in the Contemporary Art world. From the walls of our streets, to his workshop, David Davids “DNA” constantly makes minds wander through its thought-provoking statements.

Phillippe Berry – Phillippe Berry, a sculpture artist born in Paris, aims to showcase the exploration of childhood worlds: balloons, teddy bears holding hands, figurines of cowboys and indians, snowmen…he works poetically and in many ways in his favorite material, bronze. He likes the idea that viewers can see, understand and interpret his works in multiple ways.

David Kracov – At the age of 12, Boston native, David Kracov, became one of the youngest artists ever to be showcased in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He first began experimenting with clay before making his way to steel, creating unique wall sculptures, all hand-cut and hand painted. David discovered and developed different techniques, including the technique of metal laser cutting, which he has mastered and uses throughout his artwork.

Alec Monopoly – After first painting variations of the Monopoly Man in 2008 when the economy crashed as a commentary on capitalism, consumerism, corporate greed and the scandals rocking the banking industry, Alec garnered overnight fame. He now works with clients like Robert De Niro and Adrien Brody, among others.

Mr. Brainwash – Mr Brainwash is a French artist, based in Los Angeles, who is considered the most prominent of the street art movement. Madonna approached him to design the cover of her greatest hits compilation, Celebration. He also took Miami Art Basel by storm, and the Olympic Games in London into another art spectacle entitled “Under Construction” by using abandoned buildings.

Rainer Lagemann – In 2005, German artist, Rainer Lagemann, started welding and found his true passion and a special talent for it. Concentrating on the human body in a modern interpretation of the classic art of sculpture, Rainer became fascinated by it, as well as the classic theme of artistic expression and struggle that has been depicted in all shapes, materials and mediums.

Fabien Novarino – From a very early age, Fabien Novarino loved to draw, paint and make models. At the age of seven, his family settled in the south, where the dazzling light, a new climate and the wild landscapes influenced his young sensitivity. He knew he wanted to be a painter, but did not immediately take up the trade. Fabien followed a commercial career until the age of 27, when he decided to launch upon an artistic adventure.

Dorit Levinstein – Since 1988, Israel native, Dorit Levinstein’s sculptures have been exhibited in the most prestigious contemporary art fairs and have been part of international collections. Her spare, elegant sculptures seem to giggle with delight as if tickled, then stretched out with an exquisite elasticity to form their position in space. Shape and color combine to infuse Dorit works with boundless joy.

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