Mixing presents The Fates at Barter Wynwood 4/25/19

MIXING presents The Fates at Barter Wynwood
Thursday, 04/25/2019 – 05:00 pm – 01:00 am
Barter Wynwood
255 NW 27th Terrace,
Miami, Florida 33127
Cost: Free

Join us for a special edition of MIXING with The Fates plus special guest Darelectric!

The Fates…
Centuries ago, by chance – or perhaps, by “fate” – four long-lost soul-sisters were serendipitously brought together.

It wasn’t long before they discovered that they all shared a unified vision, finding themselfs identified with the empowering force of the Greek goddesses of destiny – The Fates.

In ancient Greece, these mythical goddess sisters were believed to spin, measure, and cut the threads of human fate.

With their cosmic spindle, they twist the fibers of our existence, spinning our dreams into reality. Though unlike the sisters of Greek mythology, the thread has no end – allowing for an infinite string of possibilities that may weave the beautiful, complex tapestry of our lives.

The Fates Collective are a nee twist in our generation, creating a new future; one built on love, support, and infinite creative freedom so the possibilities that anything can happen are infinite.

Through this concept and exceptional sound, their principal mission is to open our hearts to the universe, working with the unexplained magic that‘s part of their identity, aligning stars and creating an infinite string of “meant-to-be” moments.

There is no greater vessel for this than the connective power of music – and of course, the unbreakable force of love and unity. As the modern-day Fates, they are the sisters of destiny. The purveyors of possibility. Guardians of cosmic coincidence.

Don’t miss out this magnetic force.

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