Resolution Pub Crawl Pick Up with Debris Free Oceans 2/2/19

Resolution Pub Crawl Pick Up with Debris Free Oceans
Saturday, 02/02/2019 – 03:00 pm – 05:30 pm
The Wynwood Yard
56 Northwest 29th Street,
Miami, Florida 33127
Cost: $15-$20

Join The Wynwood Yard and partners Debris Free Oceans and AIM on this fun mission to beautify Wynwood while also making an impact on Biscayne Bay and Miami’s beaches. Inland trash eventually makes its way from city centers to our waterways, harming marine life and water quality.

This month, we’re fulfilling multipe New Years resolutions! Tapping into your healthy goals with a yoga & meditation segment to kick off the clean up with intention and balance, and an optional nutrition talk and mini della bowls to finish your clean-up mission. This month’s pick-up will feature Non-Prophet kombucha, brews at Veza Sur, vegan tacos & beer at Coyo Taco, and plant-based mini bowls at della bowls.

You’ll also feel good about starting 2019 off with community service and contributing to a cleaner community and planet. Kudos to you!

We will begin our mission at The Wynwood Yard. We’ll enjoy a kombucha, meet our fellow cleaner uppers, and learn about DFO and AIM. You’ll travel through the neighborhood, cleaning up as you go, and a make pit stop at Coyo Taco for vegan tacos and a brew. Finish at The Wynwood Yard with one final beer and bite.

Included in the $20 participation fee is a reusable KleanKanteen cup which will get you a complimentary drink at the entry to AND at the completion of the clean up (PLUS $1 back on every draft beer purchased ever at The Bar at The Yard forever thereafter), plus trash bags, gloves, pickers, and directions.

Aim is a nonprofit after school program that provides free yoga and educational programming to high school students. Working in conjunction with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Aim strives to help young people thrive. Through yoga, meditation and exercises that practice social and emotional awareness, students increase their self awareness and self management, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. At Aim, they are exposed to healthy lifestyle choices, meet with mentors, and prepare for what’s next in their lives.

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