Grown: Panel Discussion 8/11/18

Grown: Panel Discussion
Saturday, 08/11/2018 – 08/11/2018 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
90 NE 17th St., Miami, Fla.,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Free

Grown is @Complex Network’s new scripted series about two Haitian American 20 somethings forced to figure out life. The show was filmed and set in Miami Florida with Miami talent. Join the Grown team for an informal talk back about the “Making of”. After the death of his mother, Josh, a digitally dependent Haitian-American, is forced to live with his promiscuous and problematic cousin, Wes. A struggling actor who scrambles to make a living. He pulls Josh into a series of misadventures consisting of women, self-discovery, and social media relevance. This is a story of two fatherless men blindly leading each other to discover what it means to grow up– all under the backdrop of Miami’s vibrant, lesser known communities.

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