The Comedy Show with Lindsay Glazer – Farewell to 2017 12/1/17

The Comedy Show with Lindsay Glazer – Farewell to 2017
Friday, 12/01/2017 – 09:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Harold’s Coffee Lounge
509 Northwood Road,
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
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Cost: 5-10

Lindsay Glazer is well known for killing her crowds with her take no prisoners style of stand-up comedy. Now it’s Miami’s turn to experience her unique show called “Triggered: The Comedy Show with Lindsay Glazer” which premieres on Friday, December 1st. On that night, the Alpha B!tch AKA Lindsay Glazer will call you out on everything from why Netflix and Chill is stupid – “Don’t you idiots know you can hook up without spending 10 bucks a month!?” – to the ridiculousness of food trucks – “Let’s cut out the middleman and I’ll just serve you a burrito out of my toilet!” Get ready for a night full of endless laughs you’ll never forget. “I don’t purposely write material to offend people, but I talk about life and life is offensive,” said Glazer.

Stand out stand-up comedian Lindsay Glazer hails from Florida but splits her time between the clubs in NYC, LA and Miami. She’s also currently touring, with dates scheduled all over the country. Raised in Peoria, Illinois, Glazer has performed her unique brand of Alpha B!tch stand-up in over 30 cities nationwide including NYC, LA and Miami and won’t stop until she’s performed in all of them! Her work includes a great deal of writing for several distinguished websites and blogs. Glazer is also a wife, mother, criminal defense attorney, and of course The Alpha B!tch.

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