Oktoberfest at Pawn Broker with Miami Smokers 9/29/16

Oktoberfest at Pawn Broker with Miami Smokers
Thursday, 09/29/2016 – 08:00 pm – 11:00 pm
image001Pawn Broker at The Langford Hotel
121 SE 1st St,
Miami, Florida 33131-3733

Could This be Miami’s Greatest Oktoberfest Party Yet?

With rumors vehemently circulating the industry, it would be well advised for Ladies to grab their dirndl dresses and for men to pull on their Lederhosen as the Miami Rooftop is hosting their very first Oktoberfest.

Bulks of steins have been seen being carried through Pawn Broker’s back door in anticipation of the rooftop’s latest festivities, and it has been revealed that after many late lunches and evening drinks with Miami’s finest bacon connoisseurs, the Miami Smokers & PB Station’s Chef Guillermo Concha, Chef Jose Mendin is very much prepared to host the greatest party the Miami Rooftop has seen to date. And that’s saying a lot, as previous parties have gone down in the books.

With a reputable liquor and cocktail menu, Pawn Broker are said to give a gracious nod to the alcoholic wonders Bavarian history has produced, with a refined list of Deutschland beers and other nation’s glorious ales and lagers. It’s also alleged that the Miami Rooftop will be embracing their celebrated Pawn Broker cocktails with a slight twist to the regular menu, beer being the supplementary ingredient to a collection of novel Oktoberfest cocktails.

Thursdays are known for the rooftop’s resident DJ Vinyl Night and so there is a high possibility of one or two beer spillages from all the excitement. And as Bavarian folk festivals go, they are known to be anything but tame, of which with Pawn Brokers reputation, the bar is sure to live up to it.

Steins at the ready folks!

Date & Time
September 29th, 8pm – 11pm

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