Master Class: The Perfect Crudo 9/18/16

Master Class: The Perfect Crudo
Sunday, 09/18/2016 – 01:00 pm –
Pao by Paul Qui`
3201 Collins Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33140
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Cost: $95 and a $45 drink option

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A unique opportunity to experience the art of the perfect crudo with Pao’s Chef Paul Qui and Chef de Cuisine Derek Salkin. Guests will be able to sit back and relax while the chefs demonstrate each of these preparations with a specific focus on ingredients (acids, salts, fats, aromatics) and techniques (slicing, marinating, curing) necessary for each respective preparation. The chefs will also overview what to look for when choosing fish for raw preparations.

Menu & Preparations: Five different styles of raw fish preparations that will include:

• Sashimi – Japan; Sanbaizu, dashi, soy, wasabi
• Ceviche – Latin America; Diced and marinated with citrus, onions, chilis
• Tiradito – Peru; Sliced and dressed upon serving ingredients similar to Ceviche
• Kinilaw/Kilawin – Philippines; Diced and marinated with vinegar and Kalamansi, ginger, shallots, and chili
• Crudo – Italy; Sliced thin like carpaccio. Simply dressed with citrus, olive oil and salt

Tickets are available for $95 with an additional beverage option for $45, exclusive of tax and service charge.

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