The Art of Cinematography (In Cars) 8/27/16

The Art of Cinematography (In Cars)
Saturday, 08/27/2016 – 01:00 pm –
New-Car-FlyerRED Digital Cinema Miami
72 NW 25th St,
Miami, Florida 33127
Cost: 35.00

You will be hard pressed to find a movie without at least one car scene and some of the most iconic movie scenes take place in them – Mad Max, True Detective, Fear and Loathing Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, David Cronenberg’s Crash, Children of Men, Repo Men, the Virgin Suicides. The entire movie LOCKE was shot inside a car. So how do you deal with tight spaces, many actors, action scenes, lenses, lighting for mood, accounting for moving shots, rigs?

Not many resources online address this topic. That’s why we at FilmGate Miami, together with our friends at RED Digital Cinema, have created a workshop to answer these questions.
This is a hands-on workshop for participants with some knowledge of camera and lighting, who are interested in exploring original ways to interpret their car scenes visually. Students will practice their skills on a stationary car set within the RED Digital Cinema store.

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