Empowerment Seminar: From Wellness To Well-Being the Aztec Wisdom: Gift and Heritage from the Americas 7/28/16

Empowerment Seminar: From Wellness To Well-Being the Aztec Wisdom: Gift and Heritage from the Americas
Thursday, 07/28/2016 – 07/30/2016 09:00 am – 05:30 pm
fraternidad-azteca-miami-by-mexicanos-en-miamiHampton Inn & Suites Brickell Downtown
50 SW 12th St,
Miami, Florida 33130
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Cost: $120 USD

The Aztec Wisdom: Gift And Heritage Of The Americas

Discover an innovative model of life and personal growth based on the latest research about the Aztec empire. This new research unveils a very different image of the Aztecs and introduces us to a culture full of wisdom that has a lot to teach us, not only to the people of Mexico but the world.

More than thirty years of research has brought new light about the Aztec civilization’s beliefs, customs, idiosyncrasy and compelling wisdom. From their devotion to only one God, to their relation with the mystical Atlantis, to their loving approach to life itself, these new findings present us a true awakening model of life that can produce positive difference in the life of every human being regardless of frontiers.

” THE PYRAMID OF WELL BEING ” is an innovative model for a fulfilled life and personal growth inspired by the Aztecs philosophy, this one-day workshop will help transform your approach to life and empower you to make positive changes to accomplish your dreams and achieve happiness for our own benefit and that of society.

Discover the new findings about the Aztec empire that offer the world an innovative model to transform and enrich your life: “THE WELL BEING PYRAMID”.

During this one-day seminar you will learn:
• The true meaning of love and its scope in your life,
• Simple yet effective health techniques to stay young and healthy,
• To balance your mind and emotions,
• Recognize and develop your gifts and talents to achieve your goals, for your benefit and society’s,
• How to achieve your wellbeing and certainty in life

During the seminar you will also discover the little-known vision of the Aztec Empire, including:
– Their faith and belief in only one God, creator of the universe,
– The true meaning of sacrifice,
-The location and importance of Atlantis, based on the writings of Plato,
– The relationship of the Aztecs and the US


We are Mexican organization, a group of academics, professionals and businessmen that for more than 30 years have supported with our effort, work and resources, investigations to fathom uncovered truths and unknown facts over the Aztec empire. It is our purpose that this investigation continues to be able to give the Aztecs the respectable place they deserve in the history of our country and of the entire world.
What we found is of great importance, so much to value the reality of the Aztec people and his idiosyncrasy, as to learn from them and acknowledge their great concepts and values that we can apply in our time. We are sure that what this culture can teach every human being, no matter our nationalities, is enormous, as much in our mindset as in our way of love, think and act in our daily lives.

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