Photographs by Anthony Jordon of Transart Evening Reception at the Betsy Hotel on 6/16/16

Aryah Lester is the founder of TransArt, a celebration of art, music, film and poetry by South Florida’s transgender community,. The second annual event began June 16 at The Betsy Hotel with a community workshop and an amazing reception featuring works by featured artist Steven Snyder in swanky B-Bar Lounge The full line of events are scheduled for June 16-19 in Miami/Miami Beach and June 22-26 in Wilton Manors. More details about Transart can be found at and on the Transart Facebook page.

Transart-107 Transart-108 Transart-105 Transart-103 Transart-102 Transart-100 Transart-97 Transart-98 Transart-95 Transart-96 Transart-93 Transart-91 Transart-88 Transart-89 Transart-85 Transart-86 Transart-82 Transart-83 Transart-81 Transart-80 Transart-77 Transart-78 Transart-75 Transart-73 Transart-72 Transart-70 Transart-67 Transart-68 Transart-66 Transart-65 Transart-63 Transart-60 Transart-61 Transart-59 Transart-58 Transart-55 Transart-56 Transart-54 Transart-52 Transart-53 Transart-51 Transart-50 Transart-48 Transart-46 Transart-45 Transart-42 Transart-43 Transart-41 Transart-40 Transart-38 Transart-37 Transart-35 Transart-34 Transart-32 Transart-30 Transart-31 Transart-29 Transart-27 Transart-25 Transart-24 Transart-22 Transart-21 Transart-19 Transart-20 Transart-18 Transart-16 Transart-14 Transart-13 Transart-11 Transart-9 Transart-10 Transart-8 Transart-6 Transart-4 Transart-3 Transart-2

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