#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Feminine Floridays


Miami has been suffering from multiple weather disorder the past few days. One minute it’s hurricane-ing, another it’s freezing, and the next it’s a beautiful, warm day. To cope we’ve had to do a daily weather check before heading out of the house and still had to pack in anticipation of all weather conditions. Our obsession with sweaters—we love to buy them, we love to wear them, we love to think about them—has turned out to be super clutch in these confusing times. Sweaters are the perfect foundation upon which to build a cold weather outfit, but they also work well with warmer weather clothes like shorts. The past few weeks we’ve been wearing them with everything from A-line skirts to silk patterned pants and, on colder days like today, over dresses and leggings.

Who would have thought the sweater a key staple to Miami life? Well, it is and you need to know how to use it strategically. In today’s post we inspire you to give the sweater a feminine, Florida twist for those days that build from warm and sunny to dark and chilly. What’s your favorite way to style a sweater?






Cable Knit Sweater – Coquette on Seventh (similar here and here)
Jean Shorts - Victoria’s Secret (similar here and here)
Gold Iggy Flamingo Sandals - Kate Spade (similar here and here)
Straw Hat - Vintage (similar here and here)
Photography - 
Brad Wells

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