#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Dressing for Thanksgiving in the Tropics


Last year we established that celebrating the holidays “Miami style” is as much about eating lechón and plátanos as it is about rocking an outfit that screams “I’m from Miami” —one that adheres to the pillars of Miami’s unique and enviable style. Since the first holiday on the roster, Thanksgiving, does not come with a limiting color palette, we have free reign to let our creativity flow. That said, we figured you could use a little inspiration from your favorite Miami fashion obsessed blog to get you going so we’re bringing out photos from last year’s Thanksgiving archive. These photos were shot at Hotel Playa Cambutal in Panama where the TYM team will be spending the long holiday weekend again this year (and where we will likely be wearing similar outfits). A word to the wise, regardless of what outfit you select or where in the tropics you end up, don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent or you will feel their wrath come sun down. After all, we’re talking tropics here…






Cable Knit Sweater Vest (similar here and here)
Maxi Flower Print Skirt from Emporium Boutique (similar here and here)
Stretch Belt (similar here and here)

Photography by Brad Wells

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