Civic Engagement Thursdays: Expensive Street & Economic Gaps


Indian Creek Island Road is the only road on Indian Creek

Indian Creek Island Road is the only road on Indian Creek
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When you’re rich, the only information on your driver’s license that really matters is your address. Real estate says everything, and there’s no more exclusive street to have on that ID in the entire United States of America than Indian Creek Island Road right here in Miami-Dade. Zillow crunched the numbers and found that the average home on the street is worth $21.4 million dollars.

That’s considerably more expensive than second place Beverly Park Circle out in Beverly Hills, California where celebs likes Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington live in a comparative shanty town where the average home is only worth $16.2 million.

Of course, its not exactly a secret that the island village of Indian Creek right off of Miami Beach is a multi-millionaire and billionaire haven. Billionaire businessmen like Norman Braman and Carl Ichan call it home, as do both Iglesiases, Julio and Enrique, and Sabado Gigante host Don Francisco. In fact, four of America’s 500 richest people have homes (or at least second homes) on the island.

If you want a peek at an example of a typical home on the island, here’s a look at one that sold for $47 million back in 2012. It broke records as the most expensive residential real estate transaction in Miami-Dade history.

Arvida Parkway is the main road in the Gables Estates neighborhood

Arvida Parkway is the main road in the Gables Estates neighborhood
Google Maps

Though, it’s not the only Miami-Dade street in Zillow’s top ten. Arvida Parkway in Coral Gables comes in at 10th place with an average home price of $11.2 million. That’s the main road through the Gables Estates, and is apparently much fancier than its nearly parallel sister street Leucadendra Drive. Former Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning and Heat President Pat Riley use to own homes on the street but have sold them in recent years. Other resident’s names aren’t quite as A-List, but they probably prefer it that way tucked all the way down there in Coral Gables.

Nearby Tahiti Beach Island Road, also down in Coral Gables, came in 14th. Homes there go for $10.3 million. Residents there include NFL player and University of Miami alum Jonathan Vilma and equity fund manager Bruce Berkowitz.

No other Florida streets were in the top ten.

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