Public Art Wednesday: Miami Book Fair International

Don’t miss the Miami Book Fair International as it turns 31 this year, starting on Sunday, November 16 and going until the 23rd. The first Miami book fair was founded by Miami Dade College and its community partners, and it has grown to be one of the best book fairs in the region. It balances the glitz and glamour that Miami is often known for with a healthy dose of intellectualism. There will be writers from all walks of life, a street fair with over 350 authors, over 250 editors and publishers, and prizewinners of the loftiest awards, including the Pulitzer, the Nobel, and the MacArthur Fellowship.

The fair celebrates not only the art of words- it ventures into the celebration of various forms of art. The Children’s Alley, for example, features children’s literature, and includes theater, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Also, there will be plenty of graphic artists and illustrators present. For those who appreciate first editions and original manuscripts, there will be Antiquarians on hand.

Book aficionados unite, and check out the Miami Book Fair International here:

by Leah Bury


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