O. Ascanio Gallery Presents 30-Year Jorge Blanco Retrospective: “The Joy of Living” 11/25/14

O. Ascanio Gallery Presents 30-Year Jorge Blanco Retrospective: “The Joy of Living”
Tuesday, 11/25/2014 – 11/25/2014 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Easy-Run-2011-will-also-be-on-display-at-Pinta-Miami-from-Dec.-3-7-2014O. Ascanio Gallery
2600 NW 2nd Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33127
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Cost: Free

O. Ascanio Gallery is opening a major exhibition of work by celebrated illustrator, sculptor and public artist Jorge Blanco. Over three decades, Blanco has built a following of devotees and collectors. First with his beloved comic strip “El Naufrago,” (The Castaway), and later through his large-scale geometrical sculptures, 26 of which have been commissioned publicly in the United States, Latin America and Asia.

Jorge Blanco’s signature creations offer universal appeal; they are testaments to the glory of passion and optimism of everyday life. He translates poetic humor as an illustrator into vivacious sculptures that engage viewers with an evocative and distinct choreography. Bright primary colors and geometric shapes form athletes, fruit, animals and abstractions.

This retrospective is bringing together diverse works across mediums showcasing Blanco’s most recognizable projects. Included are a series of watercolors inspired by “The Castaway,” his graphic and illustrative work in children’s storybooks, big and small collectible sculptures, and pieces from his decorative design line, such as coffee tables, benches, design mugs and more.

Jorge Blanco lives and works in Sarasota, Florida. In addition to his public art commissions, he has created numerous works for private collectors in Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, France, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Belgium, China, Indonesia, Japan, the Dominican Republic and the USA. He’s the recipient of multiple accolades, most recent is the DCOTA Stars of Design 2013.

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