MOCA Opening Reception for Third Space Inventing the Possible 9/25/14

MOCA Opening Reception for Third Space Inventing the Possible
moca-thirdspace-email140910Thu 09.25.14, 7-9pm
Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
‎770 Northeast 125th Street
Miami, FL 33161

This visual story is one that has not yet been told. Not because there is no storyteller to tell it, but because it exists only in fragments each assuming its own autonomous existence removed from the constraints of mainstream history.

THIRD SPACE Inventing the Possible is the story of visual artists who defy their otherness and enter the realm of 21st century aesthetics not only to lay their historic claim on it, but also to challenge the framework which defines and polices its boundaries. This exhibition engages Miami artists in their articulations of the lines of continuities. What comes out is that we do not cease to be related simply because separated by race, nationality or color.

Thu 09.25.14 – Su 11.02.14 | MOCA Exhibit – Third Space Inventing the Possible
Fri 09.26.14 | 8pm | Jazz at MOCA | 8pm Featuring Kiki Sanchez Latin Jazz Project
Sat 09.27.14 | 2pm | MOCA Contemporary Dialogues | In Their Own Words
Wed 10.01.14 | 7pm | MOCA Moving Images | Ana Mendieta: Fuego de Tierra

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